Beautiful Responsive Websites

We will create a website that not only looks great, but also works across a range of devices such as mobiles and tablets

Social Media profiles setup

On the Business Premium plan we also make sure all your social media profiles are linked to your website. Such as Instagram and Facebook

Monthly Reports

Every month we will send you a report on selected plans with information on how your website is doing. How many customer are engaging in the website? What work have we been doing on your site? And much more

Some of our work

Our team loves creating websites for our clients, ensuring they have a great looking site that works for their business!

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What is Managed Hosting?

As a managed WordPress service provider, we take care of a bunch of the technical nitty-gritty stuff, so you can get back to doing what you love and growing your business.

We handle caching (makes the site load faster) for you at the server level, using super fast servers to begin with, and even work individually with our customers to further optimise their sites for the best performance.

Proactively scanning and blocking malware and hacking attempts. This is also done at the server level, without the need for any plugins or configuration on your part. And in the unlikely event that your site is hacked, we’ll fix it for you, free of charge.

We’ll work with you to make sure your site is always running the latest and greatest WordPress software.

These are some of the things we do on your behalf to ensure your website stays up and running so you can focus on your business.

I already have a website

We offer packages for hosting your existing wordpress website. Our team will even migrate it to our service for free!

Once migrated we can make sure it stays up to date and running nice and fast. Depending on your current site we may have to make a few changes but is different for each site.

Website Hosting

What is website hosting?

Your website needs to be on a secure server (big fancy computer) that talks to other servers around the world and that’s basically what the world wide web is ‘a series of interconnected servers’.

Can I arrange my own hosting?

In order to make sure your website runs smoothly we take care of hosting your website. This is to ensure the security, speed and other essential things.

Can I access the website information and make changes?

Most definitely! You may request access it any time, you can log in and make the changes you wish. Our team makes a backup of your site daily so if anything goes wrong we can always restore this to last backup.

Can I move the website after the contract has run out?

We would be sorry to see you go. If you want to move after the time period has expired or for mutual reasons, we will package your website for you and send it to you for free of course!

Domain Names

Domain name registration

Most of our packages includes a registration of a or .nz domain name for free. Additional suffixes (e.g. .kiwi etc) are not included but we can also register these for you. If you require an alternative or additional domains please let us know.

How long it is registered for and who owns it?

The domain will be owned and registered to you and renewed yearly as part of package. You may get it transferred at any time of course at no additional cost if you wish.

What if I already have a domain name?

Thats fine – but you will need to organise to get it aimed at the new website we create for you. Most of our plans include DNS and Domain management for your convenience if you wish us to take care of this for you. We can migrate your .nz domain for free. Other types of domains may incur a small cost.

Email Addresses

Can I get emails addresses for my new domain name?

Most of our plans include a free email address for your domain. We can create it and set it up so it works on your desktops and mobile devices at the same time.

We use Office365 from Microsoft to host your emails securely.

If you already have a custom email with your domain we can have a look to see if we can migrate this to Office365 for free. If you wish to keep your email as it is that is not a problem either of course.

My current website is looking a bit old

Websites are always changing how they look with new techniques being found and implemented to creating a website. More people are visiting websites from their mobile device or tablet then ever before.

Having a website that works great across a number of devices is essential today. Our team offers a package that our team redesigns your website and make sure it works on many different types of devices. Whilst giving a brand new look.

We can also add new functionality depending on what is required by you.


All websites include free SSL from Lets Encrypt and Cloudflare.

SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a protocol used for secure and encrypted communication between computers. It’s indicated by the little green padlock in the address bar of your browser. You may have seen this when doing things like online shopping and online banking.

Our services includes proactively scanning and blocking malware and hacking attempts on your site. And in the unlikely event that your site is hacked, we’ll fix it for you, free of charge.

Got a question?

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